Cartel Tycoon Demo Gameplay Preview – Making it snow

*Cartel Tycoon developed by Moon Moose, published by tinyBuild – 2020
*MSRP: TBA (Steam) –

Cartel Tycoon is a management sim where you play the role of Felix Vijo on his journey to becoming a successful family business man. The main goal of the game is to expand and create a profitable business empire.

The farm produces all your base materials. Different areas of the land produce more crops.

The core mechanics of the game are pretty simple but difficult to master. The farm is the primary producer of your base materials. The harvested plants are stored in a warehouse, which are then taken to a laboratory to be processed, and the final products are taken back to the same warehouse.

The airport can accept any contraband to be sold while harbors and check points require them to be hidden.

From there, they can be transported to airports, harbors, and border check points to be sold for profit. Airports can take any contraband while harbors and check points require that you disguise your contraband by hiding them in legal produce such as vegetables, chickens, etc. This is done in the workshop.

You must launder the money through a bank you have influence over before you can spend it.

The profits made from your enterprise is less than kosher to say the least so all the money must be laundered through a city bank that you have influence over. Once laundered, you can now spend your money to grow your operation.

Each building can be upgraded to perform better or unlock more recipes for products.

There are plenty of passive bonuses to research as well as the ability to buy raw materials you need. As your empire starts to grow, you can hire lieutenants, who can go and take over rival territories so you can expand your influence. You’ll butt heads with the police and federales who want bribes in exchange for letting you operate in peace. If you fail to pay the bribes on time, they will interfere with your operation by arresting buildings and preventing them from being used for a period of time.

Overall Cartel Tycoon is a pretty competent management sim and a fun one at that. The mechanics are deceptively simple but there is a lot of depth to the game play.

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