Summer in Mara Prologue Gameplay Preview – Cutesy Farming Simulator

*Summer in Mara Prologue developed and published by Chibig – May 29, 2020 (Full Release coming June 16, 2020)
*MSRP: Free (Steam) –

Summer in Mara Prologue is the demo version of the full game releasing on June 16, 2020. Summer in Mara is a very cute and colorful farming simulator taking place on a small, cozy tropical island. You play the role of Koa, a young girl raised by a kindly grandmother named Yaya Haku.

You can’t have a farming sim without farming.

On the island, the gameplay is standard farming simulator fare. You can till the soil to make it arable. Once tilled, you can plant seeds, fertilize them, and then water them to grow crops of all kinds. You can also fish as well. Once you have gathered enough crops, you can cook food once you have the recipe unlocked. You can also feed the animals to obtain items later on.

You can also mine ores to make tools and other components.

In addition to farming, you can harvest materials like wood from trees, ores from mineral deposits and etc. in order to craft tools and building components, such as fences.

The demo ends with some charming animated scenes.

The demo is pretty short but it does a great job of showcasing the feel of the game. What the demo doesn’t show is the ability to use the boat to travel to new islands and meet the colorful inhabitants of Mara. Harvest Moon is one of my favorite franchises of all time (Harvest Moon 64 will always have a special place in my heart) and Summer in Mara is definitely feeling like a spiritual successor to Harvest Moon. Fans of farming simulators, especially cute ones, will have a solid title to look forward to!

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