Eternal Edge + Gameplay Preview – Legend of Zelda like Action RPG

Eternal Edge + by Righteous Weasel Games, published by Sedoc LLC – Coming Soon

Eternal Edge + is an third person, action rpg set in a massively open world. It is very reminiscent of a Legend of Zelda game. It is an upgraded version of the previous Eternal Edge.

Standard third person action adventure controls. I’m attacking a pumpkin.

The story begins with the main protagonist, Cross, having a vision of the future where he fights the main antagonist, the Skeleton King. The story moves back to the present where Cross is searching for a cure for his ailing wife, who has fallen to a sleeping curse from said Skeleton King.

Some enemy mobs are too difficult and will require you to come back later.

The game play is pretty standard for a third person action rpg. You have available a regular attack, a block, a dodge, a jump, and a jump attack at the very beginning of the game. As you search the lands, buildings, and dungeons spread out across the world, you obtain new and more powerful equipment and crafting resources.

Quests galore!

The story is chock full of side characters and many, many quests that add to the narrative and make the world feel more lived in. It also gives the player more things to do and incentive to explore different areas of the world.

Overall Eternal Edge is shaping up to be a promising action adventure title with a more heavier emphasis on the role playing aspect.

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