A quick look at Luna: The Shadow Dust – A Studio Ghibli-esque Puzzle Game

Luna: The Shadow Dust by Lantern Studios – Released February 13, 2020
MSRP $19.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/465100/LUNA_The_Shadow_Dust/

I went into playing Luna: The Shadow Dust blind. I usually go into games blind to prevent myself from having my opinion of the game influenced before I actually get to play it. So I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t expecting much to begin with honestly.

A level that ties in with the delightful soundtrack.

What I saw, and heard, charmed me immediately. The artwork and animation is incredible. It gave me the same feeling as a Studio Ghibli movie and that is high praise. The developers put in an incredible amount of work into the tiniest of details and animations for seemingly insignificant things. It definitely felt like a labour of love.

This is one of the cutest creatures I’ve ever seen.

The game leaks charm and has such a high level of adorableness. The onesie wearing cat like creature won me over right away and I don’t even like cats.

Enough gushing about the artwork, the actual game play is a solid affair as well. The puzzles are well designed and balanced with the level itself giving the player enough hints, as well as a gentle push, in the right direction without making the experience too difficult to be frustrating. The minimalistic user interface paired with the incredible artwork and music make for an immersive experience.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised and Luna: The Shadow Dust was a surprise sleeper hit for me personally speaking.

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