A quick look into The Last Autumn DLC for FrostPunk – Releasing on Jan 21, 2020

FrostPunk: The Last Autumn by 11 Bit Studios releasing on Jan 21, 2020.

FrostPunk is a dark and grim management sim taking place in a post apocalyptic world where the climate has taken a turn for the worse. The word is a freezing, miserable place similar to the movie Snowpiercer.

The Last Autumn DLC takes place before the events of FrostPunk and tasks you with creating and finishing the generator before the frost sets in. It streamlines many game mechanics while introducing new concepts such as workplace safety.

For example, there is a new game play mechanic of being able to bring in more resources via the Telegraph Station (workers, engineers, steamcores, and prosthetics). There is a cooldown to this ability as well as it taking time for the resources to arrive at the outpost.

Another new and streamlining feature is the ability to use Docks to bring in resources and Fishing Harbors to bring in food. You are limited to four docks on the map. They also streamline food gathering by making you send out a foraging expedition similar to explorers in the main campaign.

You will have to make hard decisions as usual but the nature of those decisions have been given a new twist. You are forced to choose between finishing the construction of the generator safely at the cost of resources or quickly at the cost of more lives. This game play concept is reflected by the new Labour Book of Laws involving workplace safety. As you start and finish the construction of the generator, new hazards make it increasingly more hazardous for the laborers.

There are plenty of new game play mechanics, situations, problems, and surprises in store both for veteran and new players alike and hopefully The Last Autumn is not the last we see of FrostPunk.

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