Occupy Mars Playtest – How to grow potatoes

Video tutorial on YouTube

Select the seed launcher from the tool bar. You can change between potato and corn seeds by using the mouse wheel.

The first step is to plant the seeds into the incubator trays. After planting the seeds, you need to make sure the power, water, and nitrogen requirements are met on the side panel.

The second step is to transfer the seedlings from the incubator to the growing trays. It does take some time for the incubator to finish so you can make time progress by sleeping if you don’t want to wait. The growing tray also needs the right power, water, and nitrogen settings.

Occupy Mars - Growing potatoes - Transfer from incubator to growing trays
Once the seedling is ready from the incubator, you can transfer them to the growing trays. Use the plant tray to transfer the seedlings much faster.

Potatoes will fully mature on the growing trays but corn must be placed into the large soil plots.

Occupy Mars - Growing potatoes - Corn has to be matured in the larger soil plots
Corn needs to be matured in the larger soil plots.

You can turn harvest crops back into nitrogen to be used as fertilizer or reclaim seeds from them.

Occupy Mars - Growing potatoes - Crops can be reclaimed for seeds
You can extract seeds from crops to grow more space potatoes and corn.

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