How to make fire in Northern Lights

Video guide above

This is a short guide on how to make fire in Northern Lights. I died because the game does not really teach you.

  • Gather 14 sticks to craft a Small Fire.
  • You can select Small Fire in your crafting menu under the fire tab.
  • Place the Small Fire on the ground and press E to place the sticks.
  • You need tinder. You can collect tinder from Spruce Barks by using RMB and selecting Harvest.
  • This will give you Inner Spruce Bark.
  • Place Inner Spruce Bark into the middle section and use a Hand Drill for the starter (crafted from Spruce Bark and one stick).
  • You can press E on the two side circles to cook food and refuel the fire by dropping sticks or planks into the middle.
  • Holding T and pressing RMB will let you see your current body temperature.

Hope this helps!

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