Pixross Gameplay Preview – Picross Variant

Developed and published by kenney – November 30, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $3.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1489680/Pixross/

Pixross is a solid nonogram/picross variant. Nonograms are a paint by the numbers type of puzzle where each row and column indicate the number of pixels that are coloured in. Each row or column can indicate multiple numbers, for example a two and a three, meaning that there is a group of two pixels and three pixels separated by at least one empty space.

Pixross is a picross variant where you fill in pixels based on the hints for each row and column.

The game is very simple but can get challenging once the puzzles get larger. Much like Sudoku, another logic driven puzzle game, you can use simple and easy tactics to figure out which spaces definitely have a color and which are empty. For example, in a row with fifteen spaces, if the pairings are 1-11-1, you know exactly how that row is filled in due to there having to be at least one space in between each grouping. Another example is for a row with ten spaces and the number of pixels colored in is 8, then you know for certain that the middle 6 pixels are definitely filled in. This is because no matter where the 8 starts or ends, the middle 6 will always be filled in.

There are plenty of puzzles and categories to unlock.

Overall, Pixross is a very solid picross variant. There are plenty of puzzles per category and many categories to unlock, such as food and nature. The puzzles are not too difficult but still provide enough of a challenge. The game has a relaxing sound track available and the minimalist approach keeps the focus on the puzzles. Pixross is a great way to spend some time for those who are inclined to logic based puzzles.

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