Gedonia Gameplay Preview – Open world indie RPG with interesting side quests

*Gedonia developed and published by Kazakov Oleg – June 1, 2020 (Early Access)
*MSRP: $11.99 (Steam) –

Gedonia is an open world, action adventure role playing game set in a fantasy world of magic and monsters. It is still in its alpha stages so the main story is not available but many of the quests are and this is where the game starts to shine.

The graphics, music, sound effects, combat system, and dialogue are all serviceable and not really outstanding in any way as of the current build. However, the writing for the quests took me by surprise and made me want to explore more of the world to see everything it had to offer.

A seemingly innocent man chained on the mountain side, being repeatedly struck by lightning.

For example, one of the quests start off with a bandit chained on the side of the mountain. He is being repeatedly struck by lightning and healed afterwards so he can live out the rest of his life in incredible pain. You can release him from the enchanted chains if you have a high enough level of arcane magic. You can also choose to kill him right then and there.

The wizard explains what happened and things take a dark turn.

Another option is to go talk to the wizard who imprisoned him and act as a path to mediation between the two. When you do get to the wizard, you find out that those bandits broke into his tower, destroyed his equipment, stole some precious scrolls, and then killed his assistant when he tried to defend the place, cut off his head, and threw his body in the forest. The wizard had spent all night trying to find the body so he could give it a proper burial.

The location the scroll is buried in, after the bandit gives it up.

Once you find this out, you can go back to the bandit, get the location of the scroll and find it, and finally report back to the wizard who then promptly kills the bandit as a reward, ending his perpetual cycle of misery. What a dark turn of events and there are many quests like this. The game doesn’t show these events happening and most of it is delivered through text.

The character creation screen where you can assign points to Charisma, Agility, Strength, and Intellect.

As for the rest of the game, it is a pretty standard open world, action adventure role playing game. You can spec your character at the very start, assigning points into charisma, agility, strength, and intelligence which affect various stats and can open up some solutions to quests. You also gain skill points as you level up and you can assign them into many skill trees, such as elemental magic, blacksmithing, and etc.

The combat is pretty standard action adventure fare, based on a stamina system.

The combat is standard action adventure fare and is based on a stamina system where every action requires stamina. You have to manage your stamina while fighting otherwise you will deplete it and be unable to take actions until it replenishes to a certain degree.

Overall, the quests are what really piqued my interest in this game. The clever writing offered something fresh and many of them took on macabre tone. Many of the possible solutions where refreshingly unique as well and deviated from the cliche tropes found in the genre. It motivated me to explore the world and find out more of what was happening to its inhabitants.

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