Astroneer Salvage Initiative Guide – Extra Large Shredder Farm

This guide assumes you have enough of the tech tree unlocked and have earned enough points to receive care packages containing two jump jets, silicone, steel, titanium alloy, and tungsten carbide.

If you’ve been farming points in the salvage initiative event, you’ll have noticed you get a lot of high end alloys. The general idea is to print a large item with the materials and then blow it up via dynamite into salvage. You can then package the salvage and send it back in for more points via the request platform.

The jump jets are recycled, as well as the debris bundles, for scrap. The scrap can then be converted back into graphite for packagers or organics for explosives.

The silicone and titanium alloy is put aside for use in other applications. The silicone can be used to create cranes and you can use titanium alloy along with the steel for nanocarbon. It’s really up to you what you want to use it for but the extra large shredders take the least effort.

The small salvage bundles are packaged and sent up for points. As you gain more points, you gain more care packages. With more care packages, you can create more shredders. It’s almost a closed loop. You do need to stockpile sulfur for dynamite though. Sulfur is available on Calidor at 100 PPU or on Atrox at 75 PPU.

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