Billion Road Gameplay Preview – Part Mario Party, Party Monopoly, Part Pokemon

*Billion Road developed by Bandai Namco, published by Acttil LLC – April 16, 2020
*MSRP: $39.99 (Steam, Nintendo Switch) –

Billion Road is a multiplayer party game based on a board like Mario Party. Billion Road is more straight forward in that there are no minigames. Instead, the game revolves around earning money and buying properties with the goal of becoming a billionaire while heading towards a specified location on the board.

You can hire monsters, which have abilities to help you out!

In addition to the money mechanics, for some inexplicable reason, you also hire monsters to join your team. Your team can have up to three monsters hired, and one follower. Each monster has an ability that can be used strategically to benefit the player, such as the Hot Dog that allows the player to move one more square after their turn ends. The Exacthorn, a magical unicorn, will allow the player to roll the exact number required to land on the final destination once in range.

The follower is a special monster that is assigned once a player reaches the goal. A follower with negative effects is assigned to the player the furthest away from the goal and a follower with positive benefits is assigned to the player who reached the goal first.

Nothing is more frightening than a physical incarnation of Debt chasing your around.

For example, the Debt Boy will follow around a player and cause them to lose money every turn. The Debt Boy may even cause you to sell your properties at discounted prices. Truly there is no more frightening thing than debt.

The Happy Egg is a good egg! It’ll help you out on your quest to being a billionaire.

The Happy Egg on the other hand, may duplicate an item in your inventory, provide you with a monster egg (used to hire a random monster), or restore a monster’s ability if it was used.

The game’s length is set in years, with every turn being a month. At the end of the year, there is a recap of investments. As you progress through the game, months with holidays may prompt random sequences in which random players may gain or lose money or items. Also throughout the game, random events may trigger.

Other random events include shady businessmen with propositions.

One such event is an attack by a giant monster. You have the option to send a monster to attack the gigantic creature every turn. If the monster is not defeated in three months, it will deal massive property damage in an area and cause all properties to earn reduced profits. Players who participate in slaying the monster will earn money.

There are many more random events, and some are based around the types of properties you own so it would behoove you to invest in all kinds.

Victory is temporary, ruined friendships are forever.

Overall, the game is very fun, and can be chaotic and hectic. It is also very quirky and the artwork, animation, and events have a cute and weird charm to them. Like Mario Party, this is the perfect game to end friendships and ruin relationships.

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