Week in Review – GeForce Not Now

Ducky Obrien Show 004 – GeForce Now Now

For this week in review, I dive a bit into the current state of GeForce Now. So far, three major corporations have pulled their games from Nvidia’s streaming service (2K Games, Activision/Blizzard, and Bethesda. This is incredibly disappointing because the only motivation is greed.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now is probably the most consumer friendly way to stream games because it requires you to purchase the games you want to play from a digital storefront such as Steam or Battlenet. Once you buy the game, you can connect your accounts to a virtual machine on Nvidia’s cloud services and stream the game to a compatible device via a decent internet connection.

This is akin to renting a nice computer to install and run the games that you paid for. Any money paid to Nvidia goes to running and maintaining the virtual machines on the cloud. These corporations decided to remove these games from the service because they were not getting a cut from the revenue that Nvidia was earning.

This is an incredible example of greed because GeForce Now is not a software as a service subscription model. It requires the user to purchase their own games. It merely facilitates connecting the user with a hassle way free to play those games on the cloud and stream it to their device of choice. The publishers and developers already got their fair share.

This is a sad day for consumer friendly streaming services. GeForce Now is one of the few services where the consumer owns the games they have, and if they ever decide to build their own PC, those games will be available to them. Other subscription services charge a monthly fee and once you stop the service, access to those games are cut off.

With major games being removed from GeForce Now, it’s chance to succeed as a platform is now much lower. Hopefully companies will stop focusing on ways to milk consumers for as much money as possible and instead focus on working together to bring the best possible products and experiences to the consumer.

Table of contents for the video/audio above:
00:25 – Currently Playing
– 00:35 – Astroneer – 01:19 – Automachef – 02:05 – No Man’s Sky- 03:13 – Tools Up! – 04:49 – The Witcher 3 – 05:05 – The Cycle
06:59 – New Games
– 07:47 – Hunter’s Arena: Legends – 09:55 – Vapormaze – 11:20 – Resolutiion – 12:08 – To Hell with Hell – 13:15 – Elteria Adventures – 14:41 :The Longing:
17:02 – Noteworthy – Not for Broadcast
21:15 – Upcoming Releases – Animal Crossing
23:11 – News
– 23:23 – Coronavirus – 23:44 – Black Mesa – 24:26 – Valiant – 25:18 – Death Stranding PC – 25:27 – Pokimane signs multi-year deal with Twitch – 29:58 – Nintendo Playstation sells for $360,000 – 30:30 – Companies pull out of GeForce Now – 35:25 – My Conspiracy Theories

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