How to choose your branding for discoverability

The only thing to consider in deciding your branding is saturation. If your name is already overly saturated in the marketplace, it will be hard to discover for people interested in your content. You are competing with other brands. Can you still make it in a saturated market? Yes, of course. You can make it in anything and in any situation but it will be more difficult.

You can simply check market saturation by googling possible branding ideas you had. You can check the search results and get an glimpse into how favorable the branding would be for discoverability.

Once you settle on a brand name, your next move would be to saturate the market. It’s easy to do but it takes time and effort. One method of doing this is to create content on all the major platforms and to use descriptions, hash tags, and user names to your advantage. Creating content on multiple platforms may seem daunting but is quite simple once you modify your work flow a little bit. The main concept is to have a main body of content and repackage that for other platforms.

For example, when I make a video for YouTube, I write a script most of the time. I can simply take that script and copy and paste it into my blog. It will need modifying and you will need to do a little bit of work and add in pictures and make it suitable for a person who is used to, primarily, written content. I also embed the YouTube video at the top of the blog post. I take this along further by posting a very short excerpt of relevant information followed by the blog post link on Twitter and Facebook. As you can see, I had one main body of content that I repackaged to use on multiple platforms. This is slowly creating a web of traffic that will funnel directly back into me. It won’t funnel directly back into one piece of content or platform necessarily, but to your brand, the umbrella that your content rests under. Each piece of content created with this in mind adds to your online presence.

With time, effort, and patience, you will have increased your discoverability without relying on any single platform.

In the words of Captain Taggart, Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

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