2019 in Review

2019 has been a good year for YouTube. I started the year by uploading Overwatch shorts sporadically. Later I moved on to No Man’s Sky parodies, Assassins Creed 3 stream highlights, as well as Astroneer highlights. Around July I started uploading Astroneer Guide Videos and that’s when my channel really started taking off. And here I am:

44.3k views, 1.7k hours watched, and 218 subscribers later.

My Top 3 Videos of 2019:
1. The wanderer Update Overview (4.5K Views)
2. My Astroneer Base Tour (3.5K Views)
3. Exploding 4920 Hydrogen (3.3K Views)

2019 has treated me well for Twitch as well. I met a lot of new friends, tried and failed at doing a 24 hour stream, and I felt like I belonged to a community. I streamed Astroneer nine hours a day for five days a week along with doing programming streams on making a discord bot for a few months before my wrists started hurting and I had to dial the hours back quite a bit. Here is where I ended off:

5.1 Average Viewers, 19.8k Live Views, 338 Followers

My Top 3 Categories of 2019:
1. Astroneer
2. No Man’s Sky
3. Programming

I started two podcasts in 2019 as well. The Pointy Hat Cast, where I cover movies, and The Pointy Flat Cast, where I go over the things I learn as I try to become a better content creator. I have a lot of fun podcasting but it is pretty hard to get exposure. That said, I’ll keep podcasting and I’m thinking of creating even more for 2020. Here is where I ended for 2019:

425 Listens

My Top 3 Episodes of 2019:
1. 11.5 – Shazam! (21 Listens)
2. 12 – Justice League (19 Listens)
3. 011 – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (18 Listens)

I started a video game blog at DuckyObrien.com in November of 2019. It’s only been two months and while I enjoy writing, I find it hard to write enough articles while doing everything else. In the two months I’ve managed to get:

59 Views, 29 Visitors, 19 Posts Published

Other things I tried dabbling in 2019 include trying to figure out Mixer, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Mixer has some great features but the viewership isn’t quite there to grow. Facebook is an enigma, I can’t seem to figure out how it works yet. TikTok is TikTok, and my social media game is really weak but I’m slowly figuring it out.

Thank you guys for sticking with me and supporting me. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and you guys made 2019 a genuinely fun year. I’ll work even harder to make better content for 2020 and hope you guys have a great year as well. For 2020, I’m doing a new feature where I’ll take user submitted ideas from the comments and do my best (or worst) attempt at creating it for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure). It can be any type of video so feel free to drop a comment down below! It’s my small way of saying thank you for all the support. Looks like a new year is upon us, and as always, catch you guys next time.

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