Christmas Gift Wrapping Guide

I know this isn’t video game related content but it’s something near and dear to my OCD heart. Neat wrapping. It took me a while but this is the process I use. Hope it helps and Merry Christmas \o/

Text Guide:

  1. Place your gift (preferably rectangular or in a box) on top of the wrapping paper.
  2. Orient the gift with the long edge matching the edge of the wrapping paper.

3. Mark the edge of the gift with a pen.
4. Fold the bottom edge of the wrapping paper up to meet the edge of the gift.

5. Mark the top edge of the gift with a pen.
6. Fold and crease the paper along the first marking.
7. Cut with a knife.
8. Fold and create the paper along the second marking.
9. Cut with a knife.
10. Place the gift in the center and check to make sure the top and bottom edges are equidistant.

11. Fold the paper over and center.
12. Affix both the inside and outside with tape.

13. Pinch the edges in. Fold the cut side first and affix with tape.

14. Use double sided tape or roll the tape with the adhesive side facing outwards to make a cleaner wrap.

There you have it folks. Hope it helps!

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