No Man’s Sky Beyond Synthesis Update has Fantastic Quality of Life Changes

Hello Games released the Synthesis Update for No Man’s Sky on Nov 28, 2019. The patch log is very, very long and includes about 300 bug fixes along with new additions and quality of life changes. The full official log can be found here:

Here are the notable changes:

Ships Are Upgradeable

You can upgrade your ship’s inventory and technology slots using units. You can also upgrade the class of your ship using nanites. As you can see above, it is quite expensive to do so. However, you can now unlock the maximum number of slots available no matter the ship type.

For example, the above ship is an S-class Explorer with a maximum limit on storage of 38 inventory slots and 12 technology slots. Using units you can now expand it to the max of 48 inventory slots and 14 technology slots on every ship. It does get expensive in that it cost me 200 million units to buy the ship, but simply expanding the inventory space by 3 slots cost around that much. This should make units more useful and make you rely less on RNG to find a ship with nice stats.

You can also ugprade the class of the ship using nanites but it is quite expensive to do so as well. It costs tens of thousands of nanites to upgrade.

Pulse Jumping is Faster and Uses Less Fuel

Pulse Jumping is now faster and uses less fuel through two upgrade modules available at the anomaly:

Instability Drive – Increase Fuel Efficiency (34%) – Costs 460 Nanites
Required Parts:
– Warp Cell x 1
– Tritium Hypercluster x 3
– Chromatic Metal x 100

Sub-Light Amplifier – Increases Speed (30%) – Costs 460 Nanites
Required Parts:
– Carbon Crystal x 3
– Platinum x 100
– Tritium x 200

This is a huge boost to quality of life and decreases the amount of time and fuel for interplanetary travel.

You Can Store Multiple Multi-Tools

You can now own more than one Multi-Tool! This is very hand because you can swap them on the fly from the quick menu, letting you optimize and min-max Multi-Tools to your liking.

Terrain Can Be Flattened and Restored & Terrain Edits Will Be Saved

You can now switch between new modes on the Terrain Manipulator to flatten the terrain and undo changes with the restore option. Terrain edits are now saved! This is a huge boon because terrain used to regenerate to the great frustration of base builders everywhere. Along with this, you can now have a perfectly flat area to build upon. The amount of terrain edits you can do per base has a cap but it seems to be pretty generous.


There are triangles of two sizes now. They each take one Salvaged Tech to unlock. This may seem like a small update but it allows for a wide variety of different formations for base builders now. Insert Illuminati joke here.

And More…

There are honestly so many changes that it would take a long time to cover all of them in detail but the ones listed above had the biggest impact on me personally. The other changes are fantastic as well and I encourage you guys to check them out for yourselves!

P.S. You can ride any creature using regular food pellets.

P.P.S. You can now ride Blob.

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