Automachef Bug Fixing Achievement Guide

  1. Get to a level with the X-Terminator available (i.e. 23 Meal High Club, 20 Seas the Day, etc.)
  2. Make a production line and dump the food into regular storage bins (regular ones are more prone to infestation).
  3. Have a X-Terminator near the storage bin.
  4. Once the X-Terminator kills an infestation the achievement should proc. You are not required to complete the level.

This is quite a simple achievement to get but it does take a work to set it up. The earliest level that I ran into that had bug infestations enabled was Level 23 Meal High Club. It may be possible to get it before but I haven’t encountered it due to not using food storage units.

Level 20 Seas the Day has the X-Terminator available so it may be possible to get it there. Set up the assembly line and have the combo meals dropped into the regular storage bins as they are more prone to infestations.

Place a X-Terminator unit near the storage bin. Once the food is infested and the X-Terminator activates, you should get the achievement. You are not required to complete the level, only kill an infestation.

Notes for my production line setup:

  • Heart Stopper Meal Dispenser base time 20 seconds. Use 10 seconds for double ingredients.
  • Helicopter Meal Dispenser base time 15 seconds.
  • Jet Age Meal Dispenser base time 30 seconds. Use 15 seconds for double ingredients.
  • Not-So-Unhealthy Meal Dispenser base time 30 seconds.

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment down below!

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