The Endless Mission Sneak in Early Access Nov 14, 2019, Peak of Gameplay!

The Endless Mission by E-Line Media – Released on Nov 14, 2019 (Early Access)
MSRP $14.99 – PC (

The Endless Mission is kind of like Kingdom Hearts in that you are a developer traveling into different game worlds to investigate some mysterious disappearances of data. Each world has a different look, feel, and controls/abilities. You start off in the RTS world, then manage to whisk yourself away to the platforming world via a portal.

The game is also has puzzle mechanics that are solved by using a lens to adjust the properties of manipulable objects in the environment, akin to a level designer tweaking values of the world in a level editor.

You also have hacks that act as spells, letting you do things such as scale the size of objects, adjust their health values, and so on.

The game is clearly a game for game devs for future aspiring game devs as it also features a comprehensive level editor from unity. This is where the game becomes a little like Little Big Planet and Mario Maker in that you can create levels and make them available for others to play.

I can see a lot of potential for this game, for some aspiring game designer out there making the next hottest thing in Endless Mission.

That said, the game is definitely in Early Access as it has a few bugs that crash the game, creates a few frame rate stutters, etc.

P.S. Did I mention this game has a secret Zombie Dance Party?!

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