How to unlock and craft Exocraft in No Man’s Sky

There are five Exocraft in the game:
1. The Roamer – Your standard car.
2. The Nomad – An agile hovercraft.
3. The Pilgrim – A speedy motorcycle.
4. The Colossus – A massive mobile warehouse.
5. The Nautilon – A personal submarine.

You must unlock the Geobay blueprint for each Exocraft that you want to use. You can unlock the Exocraft Geobay blueprint in the following ways:

1. Base Computer Archive Missions
– Select the Base Computer Archive mission from your log.
– Interact with the Base Computer.
– Build the given blueprint.
– Wait 90 minutes for the next blueprint.

2. Construction Research Terminal in the Anomaly
– Takes around 10 Salvaged Technology to unlock.
– Burried/Salvaged Technology can be dug up on most planets.
– Look for the WiFi like symbol with your visor.

3. Vykeen Technician in the Exocraft Terminal of your base
– Do the NPC missions until the blueprints are unlocked.

Once the blueprint is unlocked, simply mine, buy, and/or craft the necessary components. The Roamer Geobay requires the following:
– Metal Plating x 5
– Ion Battery x 4
– Paraffinium x 100

I would recommend unlocking and building the Exocraft Summoning Station. It allows you to call down any Exocraft you own like you can with your starship. It’s very convenient. The Exocraft Summoning Station requires the following:
– Magnetized Ferrite x 100
– Ion Battery x 4
– Antimatter x 1

You can unlock upgrades to the Exocraft from Iteration Perses aboard the Anomaly. Upgrades include things such as an activatable speed boost and a scanner that can scan for specific types of structures on a planet’s surface.

You can also purchase upgrade mods from the Exocraft technician in space stations or your own base via the Exocraft Terminal. The upgrades can improve things such as better grip for tires and so on.

The Exocraft do use fuel and can be recharged using carbon or oxygen. Exocraft provide an advantage to walking in that you travel much faster and are not exposed to the weather. You can also use the Exocraft scanner in combination with your starship to farm objects like Drop Pods and Knowledge Stones.

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