El Hijo Gameplay Preview – Full On Stealth

El Hijo: A Wild West Tale is a full on stealth puzzle game. You play as a young lad on a quest to search for his missing mother. The character lacks the means to confront the adults standing in his way so the only way forward is to sneak past everyone. He's so proficient at it, he could be raised by Solid Snake himself. Continue reading El Hijo Gameplay Preview - Full On Stealth

Chicken Police Gameplay Preview – Film Noir with Animals

Chicken Police: Paint it Red is an interesting take on a film noir mystery. The world is entirely populated with anthropomorphic animals. The bodies are oddly fully human while the heads are fully animals. It brings up the question of what do they eat and it turns out the answer is synthetic meat. The topic of diet aside, you play the role of Santino Featherland, a rough and tumble detective with a heart of gold who's recently down on his luck and the bottom of a bottle. Continue reading Chicken Police Gameplay Preview - Film Noir with Animals