Barotrauma Gameplay Preview – I’m on an U-Boat

Barotrauma is a game where you try your absolute best to survive on a submarine plagued with failing systems, beset by hostile sea creatures, and sometimes the incompetency of your own crew. Once you embrace the chaotic life style that is Barotrauma, the game becomes quite enjoyable and the inevitable catastrophic failure becomes quite humorous. Continue reading Barotrauma Gameplay Preview - I'm on an U-Boat

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Gameplay Preview – Chaotic Multiplayer Fun

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a multiplayer co-op game where you play as delivery people for a not so reliable delivery service. Shenanigans are sure to ensue as you try to delivery packages all over the wacky and unpredictable city. You have to try your best to deliver packages unharmed as you navigate exploding manholes, trams that come out of nowhere, tornadoes, mine fields, and etc. Continue reading Totally Reliable Delivery Service Gameplay Preview – Chaotic Multiplayer Fun