How to get one million Bytes in Astroneer in roughly five hours.

Here is a general guide on how to get one million Bytes in Astroneer.

The key is to collect only the Exo Dynamic Research Aids on the surface of a planet. Glacio is ideal for this as the planet’s surface is easy to traverse and also contains liberal deposits of both Graphite and Ammonium which you will need. Graphite will be used to make Packagers and Ammonium can be used to make more Hydrazine and can also be used to open Research Chambers.

There are three types of Research Pyramids. One opens with Ammonium, another opens by having a reached a minimum power output, and the final one opens once fully charged. Keeping these factors in mind, the ideal setup is to use a Platform (anything from a Large Platform B to an Extra Large Platform C) or your shuttle. If you use a shuttle, you will still need a platform to power Pyramids. On your mobile platform/shuttle build, you will need at the least:

  • Medium Storage Silo of Ammonium – to unlock Research
  • Medium Storage Silo of Hydrazine – to refuel Jetpack
  • Medium Storage Silo of Packagers – to package Research & Pyramid Tops
  • Beacons – to prevent getting lost
  • At least 2 RTGs – to power Research
  • Oxygenator – to provide Oxygen

The process is to fly around the surface until you see a Research Chamber, fly down, unlock the chamber, package the research, package the Pyramid Top (to be scrapped and recycled back into Graphite and/or Ammonium), drop a beacon once in a while to prevent getting lost, and repeat. Once you have enough research, fly back to your research farm (mine is on Sylva) and research all the items.

Once you get your research chambers loaded after farming about 30 minutes, you should get around 3440 Bytes per minute. This equates to 206,400 Bytes per hour. This means that in roughly five hours you should hit a million Bytes. It does help to stockpile Ammonium, Graphite, and Hydrazine ahead of time so you don’t have to spend time farming it in between research runs.

Anyways, that’s it and I hope this guide helps and inspires other Astroneers to find their own ways to hit a million Bytes! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment down below!

P.S. It would take roughly 200+ days of straight grind to hit one billion Bytes…

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