Tools Up! is a Chaotic and Relationship Breaking Co-Op Game.

Tools Up! by The Knights of Unity – Released on Dec 3, 2019
MSRP $19.99 – (PC, PS4, XBox, Switch)

Tools Up! is a four player local Co-op (no online as of this moment) game reminiscent of Overcooked. The game play is quite chaotic with the game designed to bring as much trouble to the people playing as possible by letting players grab and throw items as well as each other. Running into certain objects, such as paint buckets, create a mess which causes players to slip, creating even more messes. The game play quickly devolves into chaos, testing and probably breaking, friendships.

The game play is quite simple at first but evolves as new mechanics and biomes are introduced. New mechanics such as wallpaper are unique and make the game more challenging. New biomes such as rain and snow create more obstacles and hazards, creating a challenging but rewarding game play loop.

While the game is geared towards co-op you can indeed play it single player and it is quite challenging without help. Or maybe it’s easier?

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