Superliminal Released Nov 12th! Brilliant Portal-esqe Puzzle Game, Sneak Peak of Gameplay.

Released Nov 12, 2019 on PC ($19.99 MSRP) – Pillow Castle Games

Superliminal is a quirky puzzle game that relies on a brilliant puzzle mechanic that can resize objects based on your perspective, done by changing the camera angle.

It has charming graphics, with a comforting pastel color palette, beautifully calming piano music, and backed by bits of soothing and humorous narration.

The ending is quite something else. I won’t spoil it but I encourage everyone to check out the game and experience it for yourself! Games like this don’t come around often.

The game is around 3 hours long, depending on your ability to solve puzzles and I would recommend playing it through in one sitting. The ending had an emotional impact on me and I got teary eyed quite a bit.

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