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Pointy Hat Reviews: Vinland Saga

I was feeling pretty bored so I binged all of Vinland Saga on Sunday. I had a lot of thoughts on the show so I felt compelled to make this review. I’ll just get straight into it. Continue reading Pointy Hat Reviews: Vinland Saga →

CSS Tips & Tricks: Using Border Box

Today we’ll go over a very easy css hack that will let you define the size of elements and not have it be affected by border and padding values. Continue reading CSS Tips & Tricks: Using Border Box →

Way of the Hunter Gameplay Preview

Way of the Hunter is as it sounds, it is a hunting sim, and I know what most are people are thinking; “How does this game stack up to theHunter: Call of the Wild™”. Continue reading Way of the Hunter Gameplay Preview →

Destroy All Humans 2! Reprobed Review

Let us turn back time, to good old days. When the Mama sang….wait a second, that’s not where I wanted go. Continue reading Destroy All Humans 2! Reprobed Gameplay Preview →

How to reverse a string in JavaScript

Here is a really simple way to reverse a string in Javascript. let reverseString = string.split(”).reverse().join(”); Continue reading How to reverse a string in JavaScriptspan> →

Gordian Quest Gameplay Preview

Gordian Quest is a turn based strategy game where the combat moves are picked from a deck of cards. Continue reading Gordian Quest Gameplay Preview →

Pretty Girls Escape

Pretty Girls Escape is another puzzle game with kawaii anime waifus from Zoo Corporation. Continue reading Pretty Girls Escape →